Where do all the words go?

It seems like most actors have a twitter account, a platform that makes even celebrities feel reachable. They’re only 200 characters and a hashtag away!

But what about their words? What about their online archives that reach back to their teenage years? Do they become Men in Black and have their entire history wiped clean, ready to only represent an industry?

Maybe their words become private. Maybe they have taken up writing only with a pencil and until they decide to publish a shitty autobiography or memoir written just to appease the fans their thoughts are quashed.

I write on this platform because some people might be like me, some people might like to sit late in the evening and read about strangers. The thrill!

I type on my typewriter, I write letters on my typewriter, I type the most secret of thoughts on my typewriter. They don’t feel so secret as I’m punching down the keys. The universe is hearing them! The cats are hearing them! The typewriter is my new best friend.

I write with a uniball against notebook paper, trash and napkins. I guess you could say I like the look of my own words.

Here’s to keeping them up, for strangers to see.


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