Joseph Gordon-Levitt and “Don Jon”

I sat through a film this evening, not something I usually take to. The film was “Don Jon,” the first screenplay by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Having recently seen him covered in puppies in “The Interview,” I was receptive to turn on his film, which populated my Netflix “Because You Watched. . .” list. It’s a great subject that not many take on.


Living your life so firmly rooted around media that you lose your receptivity to other humans.

Specifically through an addiction to porn. Having sex with yourself becomes more fulfilling than with another person because you know exactly what you want and exactly how to get yourself to orgasm, moving pictures and all. I’ve been there.

I think it’s a great premise, and I thought it was a decent script. I’d love to have seen Esther’s story more central than Barbara’s. And I don’t believe for a second that you stop watching porn when you find someone to intimately lose yourself with. While I loved the relationship between Jon and Barbara, I wish it had been integrated into the film differently, spliced in rather than taking up a rather large chunk of the beginning of the film. Key scenes, such as Barbara’s refusal to engage in real-life conversation and the dry sex scene outside of her apartment, were great! I just feel like the catalyst in the story was Esther, not Barbara, so her story should have been what pulled us into Jon’s world.

The film is inspiring in its humor and unrefined observation. I’ve been fumbling through a screenplay and this cheeky film, while not achingly satisfying, was thought-provoking.

This post should have a more satisfying finish, but.


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