Rethinking my Lack of Matter

A few weeks ago, I realized I have been in a slump of inactivity on the creative front. Part of what I was feeling was that I don’t currently have the power to work on any project I feel like working on. There’s a script I’ve been writing that I would love to work on in a Zach Braff-y sort of way, but I haven’t begun to research how to get a movie made. A lot of that post was fueled by my acknowledgement that I have a lot more to learn, and a fear and acceptance that most of the things I want to learn to do right now might never be done, ever. This is not to say I have a lack of committal or focus, but really that I can’t imagine a time where I am able to devote all of my hours towards certain goals I have. Many things I have an interest in demand silence, like recording music or videos. Many things I have an interest demand detachment, like writing and drawing.

As a resolution, I’ve decided to give my free hours to writing. Working on several projects simultaneously is an addiction, but it’s left me wanting, and something needs to change for change to occur. We all know this, but want to believe it isn’t true.

I’ve started working on short stories in addition to my script, and I’ve decided to commit to more posts for Pyragraph. Sometimes I just like the feel of writing words, but scribbling feels like a void. My typewriter has recently been allocated for business, which is a tragedy in itself.

I know that matter can neither be created nor destroyed, but what about our words? They’re just energy, redirected. They’re already floating around and we just have to catch them and arrange them sequentially. Anyway, I’m on it.


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