Where Are the Event Pictures?

This is a question I’ve asked myself repeatedly lately. Where the hell are all the pictures of me at the premieres of all the projects I’ve worked on? At the film festivals? SXSW? Sundance? In front of some backdrop wearing some hella nice thing with my hair brushed and my face washed or something, I don’t know the etiquette. Oh. I don’t know anything about that entire world. Nothing! I don’t know how to put my hair in a ponytail like all the white girls on Youtube videos. That might be part of the problem. I really don’t know.

It’s a weird place, to have been in the main cast of a film with a cult following, yet to have never had to put on clothes and show up some place to represent said film. It’s weird to know projects I’ve worked on have premiered at sweet sweet showcases, but I’ve yet to.

Last year, I went to an orthopedic conference with my dorky wife, and posted this:


Wait! There is one photo that exists! Once, many years ago I got dressed and had free beverages and had so many drinks with my costar and as we took a cab to Brooklyn I became more and more sloshed and the two of us got out, and I said, “I wanted to be more graceful than this,” and vomited in the gutter. We slept on the floor of his apartment, I missed my flight, and the director of a play I was working on had only inflammatory things to mutter at me when I didn’t arrive for rehearsal that day.

NYC Rooftop Film Fest

Rooftop Film Fest in NYC for Malcolm Murray’s BAD POSTURE

NYC Rooftop Film Fest for BAD POSTURE with Co-Star Florian Brozek



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