Hammer to Nail 2011 Awards

“Perhaps I find Bad Posture so enjoyable, so much more enjoyable in fact than the broad majority of indies that have found American screens this year, because with its arthouse rhythms gently propelling a pumped up, ostensibly naturalistic story of romantic longing amidst post-adolescent criminality, it never creates a sense of expectation for what exactly you are going to see next. It is more interested in feeling, landscape, and boredom. You know, the things that make up most of our lives.”

From Hammer to Nail review.

Bad Posture, a Malcolm Murray film I co-starred in with Florian Brozek and Trey Cole, made Hammer to Nail’s Top 14 Films list of 2011. I’m pretty sure you can find this movie piratically at this point, it was one of my favorites to work on, and occasionally I’ll rewatch it because it’s so fucking attuned to life in Albuquerque.

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