You have to visit the Moco Museum if you like to stand out in your social networks

Do you like to travel the world and fill your social networks with pictures of each of your adventures? Well, how about bringing your followers a young museum with really fun art? The Moco Museum offers you this and more. Founded in 2016, it has art pieces on display that seek to break away from what is ordinary in the art world. Zero boredom and great pieces full of creativity. Do you like horses? Did you have a wooden horse when you were a kid? This is the only Amsterdam museum that has a giant-sized horse specially designed for adults who still have fun as children. It is located on the world famous Museumplein square, very close to famous museums like the Van Gogh Museum.

A bit of history for your videos

Want to surprise your followers with a video full of modern art and culture? Here are just a few details behind the history of the Moco Museum. The museum is located in the Villa Alsberg townhouse. Built around 1904 and designed by Dutch architect Eduard Cuypers, cousin of Pierre Cuypers, designer of the Rijksmuseum and the Amsterdam Central Station. It was a family home until 1939, then used by priests and later as a law firm before becoming an Amsterdam museum. They use fuchsia as their central color. In this way they already manage to stand out in the streets and capture the attention of people passing around them. Inside, there are several floors full of creativity. Remember that you will be able to take pictures but without using the flash. This is done to maintain the integrity of the art.

An Amsterdam museum that came to stand out

Undoubtedly this particular museum has come to Amsterdam to surprise locals and tourists. The Moco Museum offers such a variety of art pieces that you will never get bored. There is no way. This is perfect for you who are looking to stand out in your social networks. Before visiting this museum you should check their website. There you will find the dates and times of the tickets you have available. Remember that each Amsterdam museum has to follow certain rules to avoid that many people are concentrated in one place. It is important that you do not arrive late as you might miss your chance to enter the museum. Tickets are limited. Ready for a new adventure? Prepare your camera, your energy and bring the magic of this great museum to all your followers.